Starting the weekend of November 26 th & 27 th , our annual Giving Tree will
be full of ornaments and sitting in the alcove at the front of the church awaiting
your visit. This year these special ornaments were crafted by the St. Christopher
Academy Student Council. We appreciate the time and care put into each
ornament and the beautiful array of pictures and color they add to the tree.

This Christmas, your gifts will be presented to St. Gianna’s Place, Hudson,
NH, which provides shelter, job and life skills training, and emotional support to
homeless pregnant women and their babies. St. Gianna’s has asked that your
donations be in the form of gift cards, which allow their clients to purchase items
according to their needs. There are several different places from which to
purchase the gift cards and the donation amounts are $15 thru $30.

Kindly deposit your gift cards into one of the Offertory Boxes inside the
church. You may attach the gift card to the ornament or simply drop the gift card
into an Offertory Box. This simplifies both your donation and the distribution of
the cards to the clients of St. Gianna’s Place.

Please have all gift cards returned to the church by December 18 th as the Gift
Cards will be delivered to St. Gianna’s on December 19 th or 20 th . Thank you for
your continuing generosity!