March 18, 2020

Letter from Father David

Dear Saint Christopher Parish Family,

We are all processing a whirlwind of dramatic news and many sudden changes to our everyday lives. However as people of faith in Jesus Christ, we place our deepest trust in God and we take up our spiritual weapons of prayer, fasting, and penance. We have the steadfast faith that He is with us and will never abandon His Church. We call upon our Blessed Mother and an army of heavenly angels and saints. God desires to bring our world healing and protection but we must beseech His mercy with our whole hearts.

Please carefully read the following parish news:

By the mandate of Bishop Peter A. Libasci, all public Masses are suspended at our church as well as at every Catholic church in the state of New Hampshire. At this moment we cannot speculate when the suspension will be lifted but we need to pray for this intention.

I understand that this news brings sadness, confusion, or even anger. It might make us feel separated from our Eucharistic Lord who consoles, strengthens, and heals us when we receive Him with awe and wonder at each Mass. I have felt those emotions myself. However, I implore you to avoid any bitterness or resentment towards those in authority. Such animosity only brings further pain and suffering to the Body of Christ on earth.

Father David will still celebrate every Mass intention that has been scheduled at the parish. It is of great comfort that the entire Church is spiritually united to every Mass celebrated around the world. As I celebrate Masses in the days ahead, you and your intentions will lifted to the throne of God through the most perfect sacrifice of Christ’s Body and Blood. We are working to get Masses broadcasted online – stay tuned!

You may also still request Mass cards and intentions by contacting the office.

Thankfully, the bishop has asked us to keep our churches open for prayer and Eucharistic adoration. At a minimum, the church will be open from 9 am – 3 pm Monday through Friday – Please use the side door only. We are currently working to schedule times for Eucharistic adoration. Please check the website for the most up to date schedules.

I am requesting that every parish family pray a daily rosary to implore Mary’s intercession and protection over our whole world. She has helped end plagues before and she will do it again!

We will send out another email with resources and ideas for being prayerfully united to the parish and the global Church during this time.

Supporting the Parish

  • The operation of the parish continues to rely upon your generosity through the offertory collection. It is important that we continue our parish giving at this time.
  • If you give by cash in the offertory collection, we highly encourage you to please sign up for online giving. This is the most efficient way for us to enable the parish to maintain it’s financial obligations uninterrupted. You can sign up for automated payment or make individual gifts through our giving page.
  • If you typically put envelopes in the collection basket, please consider mailing them to us or dropping them in the mail slot of the office door.
  • If you are in a position to give more, we would ask you to prayerfully increase your giving in the weeks ahead or consider making an additional gift.


Practical Care          

  • Please keep hands thoroughly washed throughout the day, especially before and after going into public. Wiping down frequently-used surfaces is recommended as well.
  • Please visit the CDC website which gives information, tips, and instructions for dealing with this virus.
  • Having blessed objects like medals, holy cards, holy water, and crucifixes are powerful ways to spread God’s grace and remind ourselves of His love.

May Saint Christopher the patron of our parish, Saint Joseph the patron of our diocese, and Blessed Virgin Mary our mother miraculously intercede for our parish, our families, and our whole world.

 God Bless,

Father David