Be On the Lookout!

With the pandemic, cyber criminals are increasing their attacks, hoping to take advantage of confusion and the migration to a remote work environment. It is important to be extra careful and very vigilant! Be on the lookout for cryptic or unusual email requests purporting to be from our parish office – we would never email you to ask for gift cards, bank information, wire transfers, etc.

Recent scams have included:


  • Requests to call, email back, send gift cards, transfer funds, have an invoice paid (that may be attached), perform wire transfers, or change payroll direct deposit.
  • Requests to connect to unknown webinars, online conferences/calls, or other communication. These are usually accompanied by an invitation to download a communication tool (like Zoom or GoToMeeting), but in reality is a virus that can take over your computer and your network to gain access to your files, banks, credit cards, etc. At times they will demand a ransom to get your files restored (known as ransomware).
  • Scams and attacks using apps such as Zoom and GoToMeeting. The FBI has warned about potential vulnerabilities in the apps, mainly that your meeting can be “Zoombombed” – joined by someone who wasn’t invited or an inappropriate video added.